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Istria wins special award from Lonely Planet

The Croatian region of Istria has won a special award from the popular travel guide Lonely Planet. 

In the special end-of-year Lonely Planet edition, Istria was a winner in the Readers’ Choice Awards for Best in Travel 2021. 

The Lonely Planet community was asked to nominate the destinations that they believed were using travel as a force for good in the areas of sustainability, community and diversity.

Istria won the Readers’ Choice Award for Community based exclusively on the votes of readers on the Lonely Planet website. 

Istria wins special award from Lonely Planet

Rovinj, Istria (Photo: Valdo Sestan/Unsplash)

If you’re heading to Croatia, there are few undiscovered secrets left along the Istrian coast, the western landmass that plunges into the Adriatic like a protective heraldic shield. From pastel-powdered houses with envious sea views in Rovinj to a carefully-preserved Roman amphitheater in Pula, the region’s aesthetic appeal could feed the Instagram furnace for weeks on its own, but many of Istria’s true joys are found beyond the frame.The readers who nominated it for the community prize alerted us to the rich experiences found inland, particularly homestays on farms and the laid-back local atmosphere of tiny hilltop villages,” Lonely Planet wrote. 

Istria wins special award from Lonely Planet

Pula Arena

Also in this edition of the guide, Istria placed a fantastic second in the category of the 10 most interesting regions in the world, the Istrian Tourist Board said, recalling that Istria was crowned with the title of the Best European Destination in 2019. 

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