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Interest Drops for Croatian Passports

CroatiaThere has been a massive drop in the number of passports issued in Croatia since the nation joined the European Union in July last year…

Croatia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) say that there has been a drop of around 70% in the number of passports issued as Croatians can now travel to neighbouring countries and to nations in the EU with their national identification cards. MUP believe that apart from the ease of traveling in the region with the ID cards, the fact that passports are more expensive and come with more complicated processes, means fewer Croatians are requesting them.

Personal ID Card

Personal ID Card

Now that Croatia has entered the European Union, any person with a fixed address in Croatia can now get an ID card. Under old laws, Croatian ID cards were only issued to citizens over the age of 16, now even new-born babies can apply for them.

“There has been an increased number of requests for this document (ID cards) for children, and that trend is likely to continue,” said Diana Jaškić from MUP.

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