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IKEA to Open in Split

IKEA to expand in Croatia

IKEA to expand in Croatia

Swedish retail giants IKEA have confirmed that they are to expand in Croatia by opening on the Adriatic coast.

IKEA have confirmed that in 2017 they will be opening in the Dalmatian city of Split, although not a complete store. IKEA will initially open a 2500 m2 outlet which will be part showroom and part warehouse where customers are able to order, pay for and pick up goods on the same day.

“We are opening a delivery centre or ‘pick-up point’, a place where shoppers can order, pay for and pick up their goods. Just under half of the 2500 m2 space will be used a showroom for the products to inspire customers and visitors. We expect to open in the second half of 2017”, IKEA’s PR manager Igor Štefanac told daily Slobodna Dalmacija.

Although IKEA says that they are still looking for a suitable location, the report suggests that a site next to City Centre One in Split will be the location.

IKEA opened in Zagreb in 2014

IKEA opened in Zagreb in 2014

The first IKEA store in Croatia opened in August 2014 in Zagreb and currently welcome over 1.5 million customers through its Zagreb store annually. Revenue in the last 12 months reached 567 million kuna, 5.8% more than in their first year.

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