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HUFFINGTON POST: What is Croatia Best At?

euWhat is Croatia best at in the European Union? Peace and quiet in the home according to an article published on one of the world’s most visited web portals – America’s Huffington Post…

The Huffington Post have published a map of Europe from Thrillist, highlighting what each EU member state excels at. The UK is home to the lowest homicide rate, France has the lowest obesity rate, Bulgaria the cheapest electricity, Slovakia the most work experience with robots, and Croatia – oddly is credited as having the least noisy housing.

Croatians get the most peace and quiet, with only 10% reporting they suffer from hearing noise at home. But what about houses with super creaky floors, eh, Croatia? What about that? – wrote Thrillist.

Check out the full map here.

(photo / Thrillist – Jennifer Bui)

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