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HRK 5.5 million cheese factory being built on the island of Cres

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1 April 2019 – A 5.5 million kuna cheese factory is to be built on the island of Cres in the village of Loznati.  

Bruno Žic, manager of the Loznati agricultural cooperative behind the new factory, explains that the aim is to keep the tradition of sheep farming and cheese production on the island alive. 

“In the 1970s in this place there was a cheese factory so we decided to make our contribution to preserve this tradition. Loznati is a small family agricultural cooperative with seven members and we are open to work with small cheese suppliers and family farms. Our desire is to bring as many people back to sheep farming as we can. We are very ambitious and we will try to restore the former figures,” says Žic, Poslvoni.hr writes.

The cheese factory, which has a capacity of 1000 litres of milk per day, is valued at more than 5.5 million kuna and is partially being financed from EU funds and the Rural Development Programme. The factory is set to operational this time next year. 

Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušić officially opened works at the site in Loznati. Once work is complete on the factory it will occupy 540m2 of land. The factory is being built with a blend of both modern and tradition. 

“We tried not to ruin the appearance of the village,” said Žic.

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