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How would you go in NASA’s quiz about Croatia? 



How much do you know about Croatia and its coast? The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) team at NASA have put together a quiz to find out. 

Croatia has featured in the 31st edition of NASA’s Where on Earth…? quiz series.

The image on the quiz page featured a natural color shot using a vertical-viewing camera of the MISR instrument and represented an area of about 190 miles by 150 miles (300 kilometers by 240 kilometers).

The ten questions in the quiz are not designed for novices and are for educational purposes. 

Mali Ston, shipwrecks in Croatia’s Adriatic, olive oil and Rijeka are just some of the quiz topics. There is an error on question 3 to also watch out for.  

See how you go, you can find the questions on the NASA page here. 

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