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How To Plan A Memorable Holiday In Croatia

By: Jane Robert

Croatia is undoubtedly a beautiful country. It’s strategically located to the North of Montenegro, the East of Italy and Slovenia, the South of Hungary and the West of Serbia. Its people are highly spirited and welcoming to people from other parts of the world. Their culture is diverse and so is their historical heritage. Scouting for photos of Croatia will reveal is beautiful nature, with breath-taking beach sites, amazing mountains, charming cities, and numerous other notable landmarks. The country seems small but it receives thousands of tourists each year from the amazing capital of Zagreb all the way to the most remote incredible fishing villages, Croatia is undoubtedly a great holiday destination.

If you are planning for a vacation, then Croatia is definitely the place to go. Its clear coastline, beautiful apartments and villas and elegant hotels seamlessly blend with its untouched nature to provide a truly unforgettable vacation and holiday experience. Every part of Croatia has something beautiful to offer. While most tourists first flock the Zagreb to browse through the capital and its amazing museums, there are a number of other destinations you ought to eye.


This is a great destination for individuals looking for an escape as well for families looking to have good quality time It is dubbed &lithe Pearl of the Adriatic’ and surely offers an amazing site. It coastline is amazing with the sun and clear water marrying beautifully to offer a breath-taking sight. The white sand and pebble beach makes for a good relaxed evening. The town too has a lot to offer; great hotels, and amazing streets. Generally the town is endowed with a lot of cultural and historical detail to tell and see.




Split is a popular destination site for most tourists visiting Croatia. In fact for most tourists, it is a must-visit destination in most families’ and individual’s travel lists. The place has the best weather that just lets you splurge on your memorable holiday. The great weather gracefully blends with the aromatic surrounding to create a relaxed atmosphere.


Istria has the most popular resorts and hosts throngs of tourists from different parts of the world. Fly to Pula to the North-west to explore the great Istria region. Its cultural diversity is amazing, it has close cultural connections to Northern Italy. It ease of access makes it a popular destination for both central Europeans an Italians. It is endowed with great tourist facilities and infrastructure. The region was apparently spared by the devastation of war, and was in fact still visited by hundreds of visitors at the time of the war.


It wouldn’t pass as a memorable vacation if one does not go to the trendy Hvar islands. With great hotels and amazing boho-chic seafood eateries, medieval car-free town, breath-taking coast line and slow-paced Korcula, the place is a must-go. It has an impressive and lively night life with lots of entertainment and open air music festivals gracing every corner of the streets during the summer. This is a place you will love to love.



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