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How Much Ice Cream Is Eaten In Croatia?

Croats consume around 25 million litres of ice cream a year, of which 5 million is consumed at small ice cream parlours.

Not a surprising statistic is that half of the ice cream consumed at small ice-cream parlours is sold during the tourist season on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, writes Poslovni dnevnik. There are around 500 ice cream parlours in Croatia, of which half only operate during the 3 month summer tourist season, and proprietors say that can cause problems sourcing quality qualified staff.

“In the peak of summer we can turn over more than 1,300 euros a day so it doesn’t matter if the workers are paid a few hundred euros more or less a month. But, I still have not found a way to keep that qualified worker during the winter when there is practically no business,” says one ice cream parlour owner from the island of Rab who says good qualified staff are not cheap to come by.

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