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How Much are Croatians Spending Christmas Shopping?

CroatiaThe days leading up to Christmas are ones where shop keepers all around the world are rubbing their hands together. So, how much do Croatians spend? thanks to new fiscalisation laws put in place at the start of the year in Croatia, that amount is now measurable...

On Saturday, one of the peak shopping days leading up to Christmas, 6,653,671 receipts were issued in shops across Croatia. The total amount, including VAT, of the 6 a half million receipts was 547,040,345.40 kuna (71 million EUR).

Over a half a billion kuna spent in one day is an impressive amount for a nation which has over 21% unemployment. The average receipt amount on Saturday was 82 kuna (11 EUR). Saturday’s spending however, did not surpass the previous day. On Friday 7,329,194 receipts were issued, with a total amount of 555,907,070.14 kuna (73 million EUR).

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