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Housing Loans Drop in Croatia

CroatiaCroatians now owe the banks 170 million euros less for mortgage loans than they owned last year, according to recent statistics…

Total bank loans in November totalled 287.4 billion kuna (37 billion EUR), a drop of 0.9% from the previous month, and 0.5% on a yearly level… Mortgage loans, which make up 44% of the total credit, totalled 127.6 billion kuna (17 billion EUR), a fall of 0.8% from October, and 2% less than the previous year.  The decline in housing loans on an annual basis has been steady, and in November it had  decreased by around 1.3 billion kuna (170 billion EUR).

While bank loans had decreased on a monthly basis, loans to the central government on an annual basis rose by 6 billion kuna (785 billion EUR).

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