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Homemade Croatian Pastries a Hit in New York

Homemade Croatian cakes & pastries

One thing Croatians love to do is bake cakes and pastries. No matter the ocassion there is always an abundance of them about.

With so many Croatians scattered all over the world, many love to have a reminder of home and one of the best ways to do that is via the stomach by having a taste of ‘home’.

One person who is keeping the baking of traditional Croatian cakes and pastries alive is Linda Antolos Popovic in the United States.

Linda has lived in New York all of her life. Her parents emigrated to the United States from Zablaće near Šibenik on the Dalmatian coast and she has kept her culture alive.

Zablaće in Croatia

“I have been coming to Croatia every summer since I was 7 years old,” Linda says, who lives in Queens.

Linda married in 1992 to a man who also had family roots from Zablaće, and the couple have 20-year-old twins. Both girls are active in the folklore group Hrvatska ruža, and speak Croatian very well.

Linda and her husband

When Linda was young she used to watch her mother in the kitchen when she would prepare homemade cakes and learned how to make them.

Domaci Kolaci Od Srca

“Everyone loves my homemade meals and cakes, they tell me that I have a special talent. I try to take old-school recipes and put my personal touch too it,” she adds.

Linda has turned her hobby into a business and sells her treats. She says that orders have been flooding in.

(Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

“Everything I do, I do from the heart and with pleasure. Love is the most important thing. People are looking for homemade products which remind them of home and so I get orders for parties, meetings and holidays,” Linda says.

Chocolate krempita (Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

Linda prepares a wide range of popular Croatian cakes, from Breskvica, Madarica, and Kremsnita, to Cupavci and a special cake decorated with Sibenik’s cathedral. She also ships her products all over the United States.

Sibenik Cathedral (Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

(Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

Linda says that whilst most customers are from the Croatian community, a number of Americans have ordered too for special occasions.

(Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

One day Linda hopes to open a bakery up selling all range of cakes and pastries.

(Domaci Kolaci Od Srca)

To order you can contact Linda via her Facebook page – Domaci Kolaci Od Srca

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