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Herb-Power Fitness Couple Promoting ZeGeVege in Zagreb

Mislav Skrepnik and Ivana Rukavina

Mislav Skrepnik and Ivana Rukavina

Fitness coach Mislav Skrepnik and plant-based diet nutritionist Ivana Rukavina inviting people to ZeGeVege…

The fit couple takes to billboards to announce ZeGeVege in Zagreb on 2-3 September 2016.

Mislav Skrepnik, a certified fitness instructor, and Ivana Rukavina, who is a social educator, plant-based diet nutritionist and plant-based nutrition programme participant at Cornell University, are a vegan couple who share a love of bodybuilding, nutrition and crafting carefully designed, daily vegan recipes to enrich their Facebook community, “Herb Power”.

Through playful billboard visuals, this young likable duo invites everybody to the 9th ZeGeVege festival (organized by Animal Friends). It will be held on Zagreb’s main square from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, September 2, and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 3.


Mislav Skrepnik

As part of the festival, they will hold a lecture, presenting their knowledge and scientifically proven facts about the importance of plant nutrition and its impact on the development of the body. Anyone interested in how a vegan diet helps in sports should attend their lecture on September 2 to witness their successes and seek advice first-hand.

“Since we raised awareness of the suffering that goes into an ordinary meal, the question of responsibility and desire for change has been pointed out. Fortunately, today’s way of life offers us an abundance of resources to meet our physiological needs, and, besides, we are a living example of how a vegan lifestyle can make us stronger and build muscles,” said Ivana and Mislav.

Ivana Rukavina

Ivana Rukavina

They add: ”After the initial transition into veganism, inspired by our awareness that we were killing other sentient living beings for food, today we know how this kind of behavior affects the health of the entire planet.”

By leading Facebook community ”Herb Power”, they conclude: ”We both believe in the power of communities and groups through which we can make bigger and stronger changes, while personal nutrition knowledge and world trends continue growing in our favour.”

This year’s ZeGeVege, with its varied, rich programme and interesting lecturers, will hold attractive courses and symposiums. Visitors will be able to attend cooking and food tasting workshops, lectures on the vegan diet and sport, the impact of diet on the environment, how to improve the quality of life through vegan diet, permaculture, connection between world hunger and feminism, activism in practice and spreading compassion to all animals.

In this unique festival in Croatia, the largest of its kind in the region, one hundred exhibitors will present and promote products of plant origin only. The festival promotes a sustainable way of living where the use of natural resources does not disturb the environment, the lives of other animals and the welfare of other people. ZeGeVege is part of the international event Veganmania held in Vienna, Munich and 15 other European cities, and last year it was visited by more than 40,000 people.


An interview with Patrick Baboumian, the strongest man in Germany and world record holder in lifting heavy loads, from last year’s ZeGeVege Festival can be viewed on the Animal Friends YouTube channel.

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