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Health Care Workers Worst ‘Sick Leave’ Offenders in Croatia

CWAnalysis of Croatian Institute for Health Insurance statistics shows that workers in the health sector took the most sick days off work in 2012…

Doctors, nurses and medical workers took the most sick leave in 2012, followed by shop assistants, mechanics and those in the manufacturing industry. The sick leave report ranks workers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries in fourth place, followed by those working in real estate, construction, arts, entertainment and recreation.

According to daily Jutarnji list, from the 86,023 workers in the health sector, an average of 1,906 were on sick leave daily. A total of 596,725 sick days were taken in the year by health sector employees. Croats reduced the amount of sick days off work they took by a massive 1,342,490 days, or around 4,500 less per day last year as new legislations came into force to tighten up loop holes in the system.

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