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Have Fun Learning Croatian with CROCARDS


The difficult task of learning the Croatian language has just been made easier thanks to a new product from Krecionica – CROCARDS.

CROCARDS are a series of 100 illustrated cards – divided into 9 topics – Places, Occupations, Fruit, Vegetables, Weather, Numbers, Colours, Clothes and Transport – which are designed to provide a fun way of learning – and teaching – Croatian.

Designed for beginners, the purpose of the cards is to help increase basic vocabulary as well as sentence structure. Each word on the card is put in a sentence or as a question in an example.

“Crocards are made for learning and teaching the Croatian language. They are made both for students and their teachers, but also made for all of you who like to play, have fun, feel joy and share the smile. This colorful box in its best way describes what Krecionica – The Creative Classroom is and strives to. We like to learn and teach, and we like to have things in order, homework done, your participation during lessons, but we are so much more sincere in playing, laughing, sharing, having fun with you. This is what CROCARDS are made for,” Krecionica said.

Have fun learning Croatian


The cost of the cards is 200 kuna per pack and you can order online on their website here.

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