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Hague Hands Down 111-Year Sentence To Croatian Six

Six Bosnian Croat leaders, known as the ‘Croatian 6’, have been sentenced by the Hague Tribunal to a total of 11 years on Wednesday.

Valentin Coric, Milivoje Petkovic, Slobodan Praljak, Jadranko Prlic, Berislav Pusic and Bruno Stojic, who were the leaders of the short-lived statelet called Herzeg-Bosna, were found guilty forcibly removing Bosniaks from territories under Bosnian Croat control during wartime in the early 1990’s in an attempt to create a ‘Greater Croatia’.

Whilst summing up the tribunal said that the six had intended to “permanently remove and ethnically cleanse Bosnian Muslims and other non-Croats” from the territory of the newly established Herceg-Bosna, which they wanted to attach to a planned ‘Greater Croatia’.

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