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Grow your Business in Croatia without Letting your Investors Down

Who can imagine a business without certain structure and strategic objectives? Every company has its own business structure that determines the style of management and the role of each business partner. Every structure has its pluses and minuses. Sometimes it is good to have partners or investors who can help you in bad time, sometimes it’s not when it comes to personal decisions. However if you have investors it can benefits your business.

While allowing investors to buy shares in your business is one way to increase your capital, your cashflow and your fluidity, you need to think carefully before you start to sell off parts of your company. Once you sell a share of your business in Croatia, that shareholder then has a say in any decisions made by the company, not to mention a proportion of the profits. Furthermore, depending on how big the share of your business they hold and whether there are other shareholders in the business, you may lose ultimate control of your company.

You need to make sure you take legal advice before you sell shares in your business. While selling shares in your business might seem the sensible option and, indeed, it may be the best option for your company; it always pays to seek legal advice before going down the selling shares avenue. Furthermore, if you do take on shareholders, you want to make sure that everything is above board and legal and in line with current legislation. Once you have shareholders on board, you’ll also have to think more carefully about how your future decisions will affect those shareholders. After all, even if they don’t have decision making powers, they’ll be expecting a return on their investment.

One way to ensure that you keep everything legal, and that all the necessary paperwork is completed properly is by engaging a professional to help you through the process. To do this, you’ll need the services of experienced business and commercial solicitors. Not only will they have the expertise and knowledge needed to lead you through a potential legal minefield but, by getting to know you and your business, they’ll be well equipped to help you in the future, should you need any further advice or legal representation. They’ll often be able to help you with financial advice too, to ensure that opening up your business to shareholders is the best option for you at this stage of your business life.

You need to do your research and choose a solicitor who specialises in business and commercial law. Finding such a solicitor can be a time-consuming task. If you’re lucky you may know someone who already has this kind of representation and who will recommend the services of their solicitor. Sometimes this isn’t as straightforward as it seems, as some business and commercial solicitors tend to specialise in specific businesses. All you need to do is contact them direct and find the solicitor who’s the best fit for your needs, and your budget. However, if you faced the problem when you need to go to the Court and you don’t want to waste your money useless just read this helpful article about no win no fee in personal injury claims. It can help you to save your time and money.

Once you have your legal representation in Croatia you’ll feel far more confident when you open up your business to shareholders, and you’ll have the support and guidance you need to ensure that you successfully grow your business and keep your shareholders happy too.

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