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Government Offering New Apartment Discounts

The Ministry of Construction today presented its POS+ plan which offers Croatian citizens the possibility to purchase apartments up to 28% cheaper than what is being offered via loans from commercial banks.

The main criteria to qualify for the government subsidised home is that it is a newly built apartment and does not exceed 1,400 euros per square metre. The buyer must also have secured a deposit of 15% of the value of the apartment.

Minister Anka Mrak Taritas announced that the state will offer a loan of 200 euros per square meter regardless of the purchase price of the apartment. The interest on that loan will be 1% for a grace period and fixed at 4% for the rest of the repayment. Savings under the government’s POS+ plan for a 60 square metre apartment which costs 1,400 euros per square metre will be 49,104 euros or 28% over the duration of the loan compared to a standard loan taken out with the banks.

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