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Go-Go Dancers Banned On Hvar

One of Croatia’s premier tourist islands is dominating the media once again. This time after its Mayor announced a ban on go-go dancers. Rino Budrović, who after winning local elections earlier this year announced that he wanted to change the perception of Hvar as just a party destination, has banned the dancers on public premises.

Not on my watch, says Hvar Mayor

“It is true that we have banned dancers on public premises. The city is protecting its rent. I do not see why the city is being accused of banning the dancers, and not those who brought them in. They were not in the hotel, but on the premises which is on the lease. The area is dedicated during the day as an open terrace, and it is known what can happen on open terraces, and what can not, “said Budrović, which was reported by Dalmacija News.

Budrovic was quoted during a recent interview saying that partygoers were not the only tourists visiting Hvar, and that outdoor sound systems will have to be switched off after midnight.

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