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Futuristic Vision for Zadar

CroatiaLeading Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, who rose to fame on the internationally scene for his conception of the Sea organ in Zadar, has another major project planned for the Dalmatian city…

Bašić, via his futuristic ‘Door of Zadar’ project, wants to turn Zadar’s peninsular into an island. Bašić’s ambitious project has been on hold since 2008, but now it has been given the green light after Zadar Major Božidar Kalmeta approved the tender for urban plan for that part of town last week.

The “Door of Zadar” project will see canals dug through Foša and Jazine and the reconstruction of historic canals that once existed in this place. This work would separate the peninsula, but not entirely, with three new pedestrian bridges connecting the area to Zadar town. As well as enabling an increase in marine traffic, bars, cafes, a movie theatre, museums, concert halls, an amphitheatre and restaurants are planned to be built along the canal. (photo: Nikola Bašić / Dnevnik)

Zadar today

Zadar today

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