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From Bermuda to Croatia – 12-Year-Old Love Letter to be Delivered


A Croatian sailor’s love letter, which he tossed into the sea in a bottle 12 years ago, may find its way to its intended recipient, thanks to a Bermuda newspaper…

Earlier this month the message in the bottle was found by a local in Bermuda waters. When he opened it he discovered that it was a love letter written by sailor Nikola Bulas addressed to his sweetheart Vesna Cvjetovic in Rijeka whilst he was working on board the container ship MV Bulk Americas in 2003.

Bermuda newspaper The Royal Gazette had the letter translated and have sent it by post to Rijeka this weekend. The letter reads:

“My love, only the vast seas are between us, separating us all these years of being together.

“Let the sea be merciful in all of its mighty power, let it envelope this human nutshell lost in the big blue, because God knows his sea is so vast and the ship is so small.

“I love you and I am writing this message woven with love, hope and desire.

“Let the ocean winds and the sea current take it far away and land it where some good soul will find it and send it to you, who for many years have wistfully been thinking about our past, hoping for our present and looking forward to some future days spent together in happiness, peace and love.”

Hopefully this is not the last we hear about this story. The letter should arrive early next week so watch this space…

Check out the full story here.

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