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Fred Everything talks about music & Croatia ahead of Zagreb gig

Fred Everything (Credit: Brian De Simone Photography)

Fred Everything is the star of deep house music, whose plates are often in the most famous DJ bags. For over 20 years, this Canadian has released as many as 200 releases on the most prestigious labels, and the latest album Long Way Home was proclaimed his most complete piece, which was partly inspired by visits to Croatia.

He will soon release the record for a respectable Croatian vinyl label Imogen recordings, and on Saturday, December 1, he will perform at Masters Club in Zagreb at the Forty Fifty x Imogen party with local DJs Felver, Antonio Zuza and Pepi Jogarde.

How do you like deep house today? How do you avoid predictability in production after so many years?

It’s a tricky question. What is deep house today? What was it yesterday? It’s become such a subjective term. Personally, I’m not attached to the label or to one style, even though I’m heavily associated with that genre. I still find a lot of music that I like every week, so I’m still happy. Predictability is also tricky. The more I try to avoid it, the more I fall into it. I believe that music should be a natural expression, so it’s normal to find into old habits, but I do try to push things forward, at least in my sonic signature.

Which artists are interesting to you today?

I’m a sucker for true values. So it would come at no surprise that people like Jimpster and Atjazz would be favorites of mine. I also seem to gravitate towards people like Soulphiction, Quarion, Ian Pooley, Crazy P…

You are very active both in production and in performances. What makes you more excited?

Both are interesting to me in different ways. There’s quite a satisfaction in finishing a body of work that can live on for years but there’s also nothing like the instant gratification of playing music in front of people.

You’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. Do you see the difference between the audience today and 20 years ago?

Of course! For the most part, they are still 20 and I’m not! I have to say, the young crowd is way more educated than we were, due to the wide availability of information available.

(Credit: Brian De Simone Photography)

Do you enjoy the performances today just as much as 20 years ago?

I do, and sometimes even more. I feel very lucky to still be doing what I’m doing.

Have you thought about a time when you’ll hang up the headphones for good?

That’s not a thought yet!

Is there anything you would forget about in your career?

Maybe I’d like to delete a few tracks from my discography. But at the same time, they were instrumental in making me who I am, and I’m grateful for that.

You said that the Balearic atmosphere on the album is inspired by recent frequent visits to Croatia and Mallorca. What particularly inspired you in Croatia?

I like how relatively untouched and pure the country still is. My girlfriend and I spent a lot of time on the Dalmatian coast the past three years. We enjoy the “pomalo” vibe which is hard to find in North America.

Did you listen to any Croatian music?

Apart from Ilija Rudman not too much! I actually don’t know much traditional Croatian music. Any obscure 80’s Croatian boogie or 70’s Jazz I should know about?

You traveled a lot to Croatia. What especially impressed you?

I feel like I already answered that but one thing I have to say is that I’m very much looking forward to visiting Zagreb for the first time next week!

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