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Former Nudist Camp Set To Attract Danish Tourists

The tourist board of the northern Adriatic Kvarner region of Croatia is currently in Denmark where it is trying to attract Danish campers to the region. The Croatian contingent were presenting its investment plans for camping sites in 2013, including plans to give a former nudist camp a huge makeover, at one of Denmark’s most important travel fairs.

Former nudist camp Politin (Camp Krk), located on the island of Krk, will see the largest investment this year, as the camp is set to transformed from a 3-star to a 4-star camping site. Camp Krk will become the first camp site with a swimming pool, and the first camp site in Croatia with a wellness centre. The new camp site, which is a popular form of tourism for the Danes in Croatia, will be designed for families with teenagers and will have a strong ecological orientation.

Camp Krk is not the only camping site in Kvarner set for investment in 2013, further camp sites on Krk, the islands of Rab and Losinj, will all receive funding as the tourist board looks to strengthen the sector. In 2012 there was a 10% increase in tourists from Denmark to the Kvarner region.

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