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Foreign-Owned Companies Paying Staff 16% More

croatian kuna petr kratochvilThe average monthly net salary in Croatia is 700 euros , those in the south-east of the country earn the least, while foreign-owned companies pay their staff 16% more than local-owned companies, according to a report by MojaPlaća.hr…

Besides senior management, who take home 115% more than the average salary, the most paid professions in Croatia are those in the field of telecommunications and technology, with 71% and 60% higher than the average salary respectively. Those earning the least are workers in the textile and leather industry (-40%), and assistants (-38%) of the average salary. In the last three months the gap between what women and men earn in the country has dropped by 1%. Men are currently earning on average 8% more than their female counterparts.

The average monthly wage in Croatian-onwed companies was 650 euros, with salaries on average 16% higher in companies that were foreign-owned. state-owned companies also paid staff 3% more than private companies. The highest paid workers were in the capital Zagreb, followed by those in Istria, whilst the lowest paid workers were in eastern counties of Brod-Posavina and Bjelovar-Bilogora, said the report.

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