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FORBES: Croatia Rich List Released

The Croatian edition of Forbes magazine has just released the latest Croatian Rich List in its April issue. The Croatian Forbes ranks the top 50 wealthiest Croats who have a combined total wealth of over 12 billion kuna (1.8 billion euros). In number one spot again this year is Ivica Todoric, owner of Croatia’s largest privately owned food firm Agrokor, who increased his wealth by 100 million euros from last year.

Croatian Forbes Rich List – Top 5

1. Ivica Todoric – worth: 4.4 billion kuna

Todoric is the richest Croat in the land thanks to his Agrokor firm which amongst various brands owns Croatia’s largest supermarket chain Konzum.

2. Luksic Family – worth: 1.3 billion kuna

The Luksic family, who settled in Chile, are in the mining, brewing and banking business around the world and are in 35th place on the American Forbes list with 17.4 billion USD. In Croatia they own the Plava Laguna resort and the Adriatic luxury hotels. Luksic’s Croatian operation is run by Davor Luksic Lederer, the 29-year-old grandson of the Luksic empire creator Andronico Luksic.

3. Emil Tedeschi – worth: 1.1 billion kuna

Emil Tedeschi is the major owner of food and nutrition company Atlantic grupa. He is also a part-time DJ and close friend of current Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

4. Besnier Family – worth: 1 billion kuna

The media shy Besnier family come in at number 4 on the list, thanks to their billion kuna fortune created from the Lactalisa company, which Croatian dairy company Dukat are a part of.

5. Ante Vlahovic – worth: 661 million kuna

Vlahovic is the largest individual shareholder in the Adris group, who are involved in the tourism industry and also own the largest tobacco company in Croatia . Adris are one of the largest donators in Croatia.

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