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Footballer’s ‘Velvet’ Audi Turns Heads in the Parking Lot

New Dinamo Zagreb signing Petar Stojanović has made a big impact on his first day of training with his new club, but it was not on the pitch but in the carpark…

Former Maribor defender Stojanović turned up to the first day of training at Zagreb’s Maksimir stadium in a car that soon had the photographers gathered around. The Slovene rocked up in a new model Audi which was covered in velvet.

“The guy put carpet on his car?

“That is one car that won’t be able to get a carwash, he will need to take it to the dry-cleaners.”

Were just a couple of the comments as a photo of the car down the rounds on social media.

The velvet covered car, which was Rolls Royce were one of the first to introduce, costs around a further 10,000 euros on top of the original price.


Petar Stojanović

Check out more pics of the velvet Audi, courtesy of Ronald Gorsic / CROPIX – on Jutarnjilist.com here

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