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Flirting in Croatian – A Vacationer’s Guide Helping Tourists Brush Up Their Operating Skills

Heading to Croatia for your summer holiday and want to make an impression on the local ladies in the local lingo? Then you should not be leaving home without your copy of “Flirting in Croatian – A Vacationer’s Guide”.

No matter what your style – choose from shy, smooth, smart and more – “Flirting in Croatian” will give you the tools to cruise on your trip to Croatia with over 50 prime pickup lines and more, including the most romantic compliments a girl can hope to hear. The accompanying 60-minute audio version, available online in MP3 format with the password provided in the book, allows for plenty of study and repetition, making sure prospective Casanovas can court the ladies with impeccable Croatian accents.

Croatia Week caught up with the book’s authors Yelena Primorac and Laura Lui.

How did the idea come about to write the book?

It all started with our guru – Timothy Ferris. We’d both read his “Four Hour Workweek” (and highly recommend it!) and really wanted to make something, to create a product. We were absolutely thrilled when we each discovered the other had the same ambition. And as soon as we realized it, we agreed to make it happen. “All” we had to do was come up with a product – not too easy, but we were really inspired and are diligent students. Tim would be proud.

We spent about a week brainstorming on our own, then one evening we met in a café in Maksimirska called Dvoriste – we always sit at our “lucky” table when we go back now. Just a few cups of coffee after we sat down, we had the outline to Flirting in Croatian scribbled out on our receipt and other scraps of paper we pulled out of our purses and wallets and pockets.

It was really pretty amazing how smoothly we transitioned from “we should…” to “we’re doing it!”  We highly recommend Dvoriste as a brainstorming hub.

How was research done for the book’s pickup lines?

Months and months of scouring through endless lists of outrageous pick-up lines on the web. We also found some great articles and video clips and discovered a whole underground world of professional and semi-professional pickup artists we had no idea existed – that was a treat to peer into. Did you know there’s a guy called Mystery who organizes super serious workshops where he teaches awkward, geeky guys how to be “smooth” and sexy? By the by, if anybody reading knows how we can get in touch with Mystery, please let us know. His name’s not for nothing but we’d love to send him a copy of our book.

We also consulted our friends. Facebook came in really handy for that – we sent tons of messages asking people we knew everywhere in the world, both guys and girls, for their favourite pickup lines. Not only did we get some really great lines, but we got some really good stories too. Researching for this book was a blast.

Have you been happy with how the book has gone since it was published ?

We’re pretty happy with how the book has been received so far – even during the off season it’s been selling fairly steadily. We’d like to get the word out about it more though – we don’t want people to just stumble upon it at a store and buy it, we’d love for them to hear about it and look for it. But considering we haven’t invested in any advertising, we’re happy.  There’s nothing like it in the market – there are plenty of phrase books and such out there, but there’s never been a language guide for lovelorn tourists…until now.

Any plans to publish other books?

A version for women! Many lines in this one can be used by anyone, but there are exceptions. We’d love to make lines specifically for use by women on men. Plus, we had a lot of fun stereotyping guys in our book with the various personality types – it’s only fair to poke some fun at the fairer sex as well. It could make for some kookier categories. The Spinster, The Married Woman. The Fitness Freak, The Man Eater, The Drama Queen…Anybody readying can feel free to send us suggestions ([email protected]), we’d love to hear them. Also, we’re planning on translating the book into all possible language combinations. English to German, German to Spanish, Spanish to French…Why should Croatian ladies have all the fun?

We just want to say to all Croatia Week readers out there – please be sure to like us on Facebook. Also, we’d love to hear your favourite lines, for men or women. Be in touch! If you’re looking to buy a copy of the book, check out Algoritam stores throughout Croatia, Ljevak in Zagreb, Algebra in Dubrovnik, and select souvenir shops in Zagreb and along the Adriatic. In the U.S. the book is available online on Amazon and through Heart of Croatia.

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