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First Solar Power Car Race in Croatia

croatiaThere will be a group of students hoping that there is plenty of sun about on Saturday in Croatia as the first solar-powered car race is held in the central Croatian city of Sisak.

Solar cars, produced by students from technical schools in Sisak, Kutina, Velika Gorica, Zadar and Osijek, will take part in Saturday’s race. All of the solar cars in the race have been developed with the same basic design and architecture, but are all unique. The 540 W solar photovoltaic modules are mounted on an aluminum honeycomb structure and give the cars a 1,500 W or 2 horse power motor.

SOELA foto: Facebook

SOELA foto: Facebook

The project to develop the solar-powered cars funded by the EU, who dished out close to 190,000 EUR towards the project with the aim to encourage technical schools to develop and apply the latest methods in their regular  education programmes.

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