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First Rent-a-Bag Store Opens in Croatia

10393703_1588649568033751_8227740811490145132_nGood news for bag lovers in Croatia. Women, and men if they are that way inclined, can now rent a bag for a special occasion or just to show off in front of friends with a new bag every second day…

Over 400 different kinds of bags are available to rent at the first ‘rent-a-bag’ store which has opened in downtown Zagreb (Ilica 47).

“The idea came about from wardrobes just full of things which we buy for a special occasion and then we never wear them again because we don’t know how to combine it. This is a place where girls can come and rent whatever they like for a special occasion or just for everyday,” Sliver Club owner Dora Fanjek said, adding that the shop does not stock expensive designer bags or fakes.

Bags can be rented for 10 kuna a pop (1.30 euros) once you sign up and pay a membership fee.

“You can keep the bag for two weeks or two days by paying a symbolic 10-20 kuna. Membership is 380 kuna (50 euros) which also incorporates a bond should you damage something,” said Fanjek, who says they do their best to make sure the shelves are stocked with bags for all generations.

Along with bags, necklaces and soon accessories will be available to rent. (photo / Silver Club Facebook)

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