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First Registry of Croatia’s National Treasures

Croatia has over 1,200 islands (photo credit: Ante Babic)

Croatia has over 1,200 islands (photo credit: Ante Babic)

Croatia is one of the wealthiest nations in Europe when it comes to state-owned assets and natural resources.

With over 1,200 islands, vast forests and agricultural land, and one of the richest sources of water on the continent, Croatia has a number of jewels in its crown.

For the first time this week a register of Croatia’s ‘National Treasures’ was released. The list, published exclusively by daily Vecernji list, is the first time a comprehensive inventory of the nation’s ‘treasures’ has been published.

The main ‘national treasures’ on the list:

1. Forests & forest land (worth 6.9 billion USD)

Croatia has around 2.6 million acres of forests and forest land. Wood stocks are around 552 milion cubic meters and there are around 11 million cubic meters of new wood stocks annually.

Beech tree forests in Croatia (photo credit: Intipacha under CC)

Beech tree forests in Croatia (photo credit: Intipacha under CC)

2. Agricultural land (10.13 billion USD)

Croatia has around 2.96 million hectares of agricultural land, of which 90% is cultivable. Less than 50% of this area however is being cultivated.

3. 1246 islands

Croatia has 1246 islands, but on which only 6% of the surface of the soil is fertile. Broken down, there are 79 islands, 525 islets, and 642 rocks and reefs.

Croatia has over 1,200 islands (photo credit: Ante Babic)

(photo credit: Ante Babic)

4. Water

Croatia is 5th in Europe per capita when it comes to water wealth, including drinking and surface water.

5. Infrastructure and data analysis

Croata has valuable data analysis on highways (1,273 km), railways (2,100 km), waterways (804 km), electric power network (18,500 km), and fiber optic networks (13,000 km).

6. Hydrocarbon reserves

Croatia has significant hydrocarbon reserves.

7. Wind Farms (worth 315 million EUR)

In 2013 Croatia has 12 wind farms in operation – worth 315 million euros.

8. Sun as energy source

Croatia has an abundance of sun which as an energy source is of national interest.

9. 450 species of fish in the Adriatic Sea

There are 450 species of fish in the Adriatic Sea. Fish consumption currently sits at around 10 kg per capita per year. In 2012 around 50 million USD of fish was purchased and sold with fishermen catching around 70,000 tons a year.

“When you see all the natural riches Croatia has, you have to ask yourself how can 4 million people not all live decently in this country from their own work and smarts”, academic Marko Zelić who took part in the study of the nation’s treasures said.

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