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First fully pet-friendly museum in Croatia 

City Vinkovci First fully pet-friendly museum in Croatia

The City Museum in the eastern city of Vinkovci has just become the first fully pet-friendly museum in Croatia. 

Unlike the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb, which has allowed pets to visit since 2015 only on Saturdays, the City Museum in Vinkovci now allows pets to visit at all times.

“We have declared house rules, of course, because there are rules that must be known. We must not forget that some people are afraid of dogs, but the intention of this action is to get rid of fear, to accept the fact that our pets are our responsibility, but also joy and pleasure,” the director of the museum Hrvoje Vulić said, reported Jutarnji list.

The City Museum in Vinkovci has published a pamphlet with the rules on the museum’s website. They are quite simple, and owners who love their dogs enough to want to go to a museum with them adhere to these rules anyway.

The dog should be on a leash, and it is necessary for owners to carry its blue booklet, which can prove that the dog has been vaccinated. Dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle. 

If a pet damages something or goes to the toilet right in the middle of the hall with exhibits, the owner must clean up or pay for the damage. 

Of course, food is not allowed inside the museum, but water will be available at the museum. Also, the dog is required to look decent. Just as they won’t let people into the museum in a bathing suit or barefoot, they also won’t let dogs in that are muddy from snout to tail.

Entry for dogs is free.

House rules (City Museum Vinkovci)


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