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First Chinese Teahouse in the Centre of Zagreb

Jing Yuan Teahouse in Zagreb

By Iva Ralica

The first authentic Chinese Teahouse has opened in the Croatian capital.

Located in the middle of Zagreb (Ilica 107), Jing Yuan Teahouse offers guests a unique experience. Visitors can enjoy total relaxation by indulging in proper, pure high quality Chinese teas in an authentic environment.

Calming and tranquil Chinese music and traditional furniture create an authentic atmosphere.

Ordering the right tea sort requires time, and at Jing Yuan Teahouse you feel as if you have plenty of that. The choice includes the Chinese philosophy of yin-yang, where red and black tea is better for women than the white and green tea which is good for guys.

The real ritual of preparing, pouring and drinking tea with a sense of a better yin-yang balance can be experienced here.

The tea is prepared in a special bowl and undergoes a few stages in a gaiwan before arriving in front of you, as a distinguished cup of tea. It hides the genuine taste without adding any extra sweetness. Only one sip of the tea will lead back to nature.

For some, this might seem like too much philosophy for a cup of tea, but just think about all the noise in your life.
The atmosphere and the preparation of the tea has a calming effect. Whether with friends or on your own reading a book, it is hard not to feel relaxed here.

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