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Fight Club Night In Zagreb With EU Funds On The Agenda

Zagreb’s Art-kino Gric in the Croatian capital turns into The Fight Club tomorrow night (18 April), but don’t expect to see Edward Norton or Brad Pitt there.

Fight Club is a relatively new concept in Croatia which presents a clash of ideas that are represented by ‘Fighters’ divided into 2 teams. The two Fight teams of experts and enthusiasts engage in a verbal duel about a particular topic that is moderated by a public figure who is undecided.

This Thursday’s theme is: EU Projects: Reality or Illusion and will see two sides of fighters put their arguments forward. Fighters on the night for the pro side will be Mislav Balkovic (Algebra) Ivana Didak (Agency for Mobility and EU programmes) and Frane Sesnic (Development Agency Zagreb). Fighters in the against team include Marjan Bosnjak (Jedino Hrvatska), Ante Lauc (Akcija za bolju Hrvatsku / Action for a better Croatia) and Ivan Pernar (Association for Change).

Entry is free to the event with the public having an opportunity to interact on the evening.

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