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Father Kills Paralysed Daughter (23) in Sisak

Croatian police have confirmed that a 23-year-old paralysed girl from the town of Sisak in central Croatia, has died in hospital after her father fed her a cocktail of tablets and slashed her wrists.

Croatian daily newspaper 24sata reports that the man allegedly gave his disabled daughter tablets and then cut her writs, before doing the same thing to himself. The man is currently in intensive care after surviving the ordeal but his daughter died in hospital. The girl’s mother also got rushed to hospital after suffering from shock.

The former model, who was left completely paralysed in 2009 after an operation when doctors discovered a tumor on her brain, could not even operate a wheelchair and was motionless for the past three years. It was reported that the girl’s father had enough of seeing his young daughter suffer and decided to put an end to it all.

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