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Fans allowed to return to Croatian football matches with prescribed epidemiological measures

ZAGREB, 12 September 2020 – The Executive Board of the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has decided to allow spectators to return to football matches.

From 18 September, fans will be allowed to return to all HNS matches.

A limited number of spectators will be able to attend the matches of the Croatian First Division, Croatian Football Cup, Croatian 2nd Division, and the first divisions of the juniors, cadets, and pioneers. Up to 30 percent of the capacity of each grandstand will be allowed. 

Visiting fans will not be allowed to attend the matches.

The host club is obliged to organise each match in accordance with the current measures of the local civil protection headquarters, and the organisation of matches should be carried out in compliance with all prescribed epidemiological measures (maintaining the distance between spectators, ensuring the use of disinfectants, etc.)

In making this decision, the HNS Executive Board took into account the position of UEFA which will allow the return of a limited number of spectators to the Super Cup match, as well as the fact that the epidemiological situation varies significantly from county to county. That is why the arrival of visiting fans will not be allowed.

Poljud stadium (Photo credit: MaGa/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license)

The decision was made known to the National Civil Protection Headquarters and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Croatia, HNS said in a statement.

In the event of non-compliance with the measures, in particular, the distance between spectators or the number of spectators being exceeded, the competition commissioner is authorised to make a decision for the host club to play matches without spectators.

If the local civil protection headquarters prohibits the arrival of spectators to a certain host club, 50 people of the host club are allowed to attend Croatian First Division matches, and 30 people from the host club are allowed to attend the 2nd division HNL matches, provided that this is in accordance with epidemiological measures that city or county.

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