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évolué – A New Collection by Leading Croatian Fashion Designer Boris Pavlin



A dystopian fairytale designed by Croatian master of delicate tapestries and handmade details…

Zagreb, May 17 2016 – For his summer 2016 campaign, Croatian designer Boris Pavlin puts the delicate floral patterns of his dresses versus the rough and torn images of post-industrial devastation. A dystopian fairytale of endless beauty, in which recurring motives of decay and destruction provide a nurturing protective shell for the fragile gowns. Presenting dresses that haunt the crumbling bleakness which surrounds them with unscathed calm, like remnants of a different time.

With his easily recognizable fashion signature, shaping the handcrafted gowns to fit and compliment the female form perfectly, he makes every piece an explorative journey into artisan craftsmanship.

Brocaded silks inlaid with natural straw weave, colored shell fragment mosaics, multilayered embroideries on raw silk; all break the normal barriers of a garment and space that surrounds it. Shades of flesh intertwined with light silvery blue, tan or cream create a kaleidoscope of pastel colors, accented by strong textures and beading.

Boris Pavlin is a Croatian fashion designer and a graduate of prestigious Istituto Marangoni of Milan. His debut collection filled with unorthodox color and pattern matching combined with fresh tailoring solutions earned him instant recognition and acclaim from both press and audiences alike.

Following that in 2006 he was awarded the prestigious Croatian fashion Oscar award as the youngest designer to win it up to date. Through the work that followed, his designs became more and more refined, maturing into a delicate tapestry of hand made details, intricate embroidery and clean feminine silhouettes easily recognizable by the fashion savvy.

CAMPAIGN CREDITS: Photographed by Franjo Matkovic, Art Direction Boris Pavlin, Make up Sanja Agic, hairstyling Atelier Monet, Models Ena Kiralj and Andrea Zec

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