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Every Second Young Croat Still Living At Home with Parents

CroatiaEvery second Croat between the age of 25 and 29 lives at home with their parents, whilst one in four between the ages of 30 and 34 are still living under the family roof, according to statistics released by the Central Bureau for Statistics published by daily Jutarnji list.

The difference in the number of men and women still living with their parents out of those statistics is significant. 62% of men aged between 25 and 29 live with Mum and Dad, whilst 39% of women in the same age bracket at are home. The gap between men and women is even wider when it comes to between 30 and 34-year-olds still at home. 34.3% of men have not yet left the family nest, whilst 17% of women are still living at home. The statistics, taken from the most recent census, shows that every fourth ‘child’ who lives with their parents is over the age of 25. The region of Dalmatian is the leader in the country, where in the town of  Šibenik nearly 70% of men between 25 and 30 still live at home with their parents.

Comparing statistics, Croatia falls into the category with nations like Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, where 46% between the age of 25 and 34 live at home with their parents still. On the other end of the scale, percentages are a lot lower in the north of Europe, where Denmark for example have only 1.9% of between 25 and 34-year-olds still living under their parents roof.

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