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Europeans Visa Card Spend Increases in Croatia

Croatia19Europeans travelling to Croatia during the summer are spending more on their Visa cards, according to a report from Visa Croatia…

From June till the end of August, Europeans spent 652 million euros using their Visa cards in Croatia, 12% more than they spend in the same period last summer. The biggest spenders using Visa cards this summer in Croatia were the Germans, racking up more than 103 million euros on their cards, which was 24% more than they spent last year. The Brits were in second place, spending 64.5 million euros, which was 16.6% more than last summer. Norwegians, Italians and French were the next biggest Visa card spenders.

Accommodation (128 million euros), entertainment (58 million euros) and petrol (50 million euros) recorded the biggest share of the purchases.

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