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European House Vukovar: The Buttress of Multiethnic Vukovar

CroatiaThe European House Vukovar (EHV) is a citizens organisation instantly recognizable as a multifaceted multiethnic group in the far eastern Croatian town of Vukovar.

The overall plan is identified, and each project and all the lectures are reviewed in terms of their contribution to the plan. However, there are about eight to ten lectures that occurs over a year. The EHV learnt that mutual engagement also requires mutual adjustment so that immensely contributes to an overall trust between the people of different ethnic groups. They also continue to conduct tasks in contributing to peace and economic growth and stability of the Vukovar-Sirmium County.

“Do not do anything to others if you would not like that to be done to yourself” was the topic of a two-hour debate at the Vukovar congress center recently held by Rev. Ivan Grubišić in hotel “Lav”. In his lecture Grubišić pointed out the necessity of accepting differences.

Rev. Ivan Grubišić

Rev. Ivan Grubišić

“Someone might not like that, but still we have to accept it”, says Grubišić. The event was organised by EHV and the Foundation of Friedrich Ebert from Zagreb.

A new reality had come into being now. The communication skills is the most substantial key feature associated with the common good.

“In order to gain a quality life among the youngsters, our moral stance depends so much on upbringing”, says the chief executive of European House Vukovar Dijana Antunović Lazić.

According to an official letter forwarded to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia, it is expected that its Minister Željko Jovanović would visit Vukovar soon, Antunović Lazić added. Children and students in Vukovar surely need more broadly-based education that should not be about the accumulation of mere information, but instead should aim to induce a variety of skills and abilities.

In short, the European House Vukovar is a powerful buttress in the region. Europe, rather than ethnicity, is the touchstone of nationality which they firmly stand for.

By: Saša Jovičić



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