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EURO 2016: A Message to Croatian Fans Tonight in Bordeaux

(photo: HNS)

(photo: HNS)

The Croatian Football Federation have issued a statement to all Croatian fans in Bordeaux ahead of tonight’s EURO 2016 match against Spain…

Dear Fans,

On behalf of the Croatian Football Federation and the Croatian National Team we thank you for the excellent support up until now at EURO.

Because of stricter controls getting into the stadium compared to Paris and Saint-Etienne, we ask all Croatian fans to come to the the stadium in Bordeaux on time – at least 3 hours before the start of the match – so you can enter the stadium on time and avoid the rush before the start of the match.

Also, do not forget your personal documents as they will be checked with the tickets you have.

We also ask Croatian fans this time to please not use force in case of any trouble from hooligans and that if there are any incidents to please make enough room so that you do not get in the way of authorities who will go in to sort the trouble.

Today is another challenge and we ask again the support for Croatia to success to be fair and correct. Say no to discrimination, racism and violence. Support Croatia and our team in the spirit of fair play, respect and tolerance.

Be a proud Croatian fan.

Croatian Football Federation.

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