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Ernst & Young: Slovenia And Croatia Top A Corrupt Europe

Slovenia is on top of the list, followed by Croatia, when it comes to corruption in the business world, according to a recent Ernst & Young corruption survey.

A massive 94% of managers in Slovenia consider bribes as a completely normal practice in business deals. In Croatia 90% of businessmen who partook in the survey considered bribes a normal tool in business deals.

Croatia were 3rd on the world list with the percentage of business people who considered bribes normal. In second place was Kenya and Slovenia in number one spot. Greece, Slovakia, Serbia and Russia all had results over 80%.

In Switzerland only 10% of business people considered bribes completely normal. Sweden, Finland and Norway also scored very low. Germany’s Die Welt today analysed the results of the survey under the headline “Europe is so Corrupt’ “Paying bribes in a lot of countries is a completely normal thing,” said the report, pointing out that the European average was 39%.

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