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€1.5 m maritime heritage interpretation centre opens in Malinska

ZAGREB, 28 May (Hina) – A maritime heritage interpretation centre – DUBoak – that was built as part of the Arca Adriatica project, opened on Friday in Malinska on the Island of Krk.

The project is aimed at protecting, promoting and adding tourist value to the Adriatic’s maritime heritage.

The premises are valued at about HRK 11.5 million and exhibit rich maritime heritage, shipping culture, shipbuilding skills and the life of islanders.

The design for the centre was prepared by a team of architects, heritage interpreters, marketing experts and experts in the field of multimedia.

The centre’s name – DUBoak – recalls the unbreakable tie between the sea and traditional boats on the coastal side facing the mainland and the Dub oak on the forest-covered side of the island. The name reminds of the deepness of the sea and is a play on words, combining the local (dub) and English (oak) terms for oak trees.

The centre is located on the Malinska promenade where residents from Dubašnica in the past used to unload oak trunks transported on ox-driven carts and then would load them into wooden boats and transport them to Rijeka and as far as Venice.

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