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Drug Store Promo Leaves Customers Scratching Their Heads

dmDrug store chain, DM (dm-drogerie markt), were left facing a stream of angry customers this week in Croatia after the company decided to halt a recent promotion over a week early…

The Svijet prednosti promotion allowed customers of DM to exchange 400 points from their DM loyalty card in return for a 1000HRK voucher from PBZ Travel. Staff at DM were as confused as the customers were, with each shop having a different story as to why the vouchers were no longer available: the printers were broken, the voucher redemption was being dealt with in larger shops only, etc.

Almost ten days after ending the promotion DM management informed its stores that there had been a limit to the number of vouchers, and that that limit had been reached. The only problem with this story is that under the terms and conditions of the promotion there was no official limit to the number of vouchers available. A spokeswoman for PBZ Travel said that they were participating in the promotion solely as DM’s supplier, and that the chain was responsible for its own decisions. DM did not respond when asked for comment.

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