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Dina Levačić set to become 8th person in the world to complete Original Triple Crown

Dina Levačić becomes first Croatian woman swim Strait of Gibraltar

(Photo credit: Dina Levacic/Facebook)

After Dina Levačić created history earlier this year when she became the youngest woman in history to complete the Oceans Seven, the Croatian long-distance swimmer is set for another remarkable achievement. 

Dina will attempt to swim the Bristol Channel (Wales, England), which is the final step towards her completing the Original Triple Crown.

The Original Triple Crown consists of swimming across the English Channel, the North Channel, and the Bristol Channel. So far Dina has swam the English Channel and the North Channel and only the Bristol Channel is left. 

Due to its deep bay, the Bristol Channel, which is over 100km in width, is conducive to the development of a tidal wave that can vary from 5m to 13m. Such significant tidal changes result in strong currents, making it possible for Dina to swim double the straight-line distance (27km).

By successfully crossing the Bristol Channel, Dina would become the 8th person in the world and the first person from Croatia to complete the Original Triple Crown.

Dina Levačić Sets Sights on Becoming 8th Person to Complete the Original Triple Crown"

Dina Levačić (Private album)

Earlier this year, Dina became the 23rd person ever and the only Croatian to complete the Oceans Seven, which is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of the 7 largest and most difficult channels in the world. 

Dina first started in her quest for the Oceans Seven back in 2017 when she swam the Catalina Channel (32 km) between Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles and the English Channel (34 km) between England and France.  

In 2018 she completed the Molokai Channel (44 km) between Moloka’i and O’ahu, and a year later she swam Tsugaru Strait (20 km) between the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido.

Last year she completed the Strait of Gibraltar (16 km) between Spain and Morocco, and the North Channel (34 km) between Ireland and Scotland before conquering the final hurdle, the Cook Strait (28 km), this year.

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