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Davor Šuker Receives Spanish Honour

0000007761_685_375_cutCroatian Football Federation President, Davor Šuker, has been awarded for his contribution in tightening the friendly bonds of Croatia and Spain on Wednesday in Zagreb…

Šuker, who left his mark in Spain after impressing during his time with Sevilla and Real Madrid, was presented with the award by the Spanish Ambassador His Excellency Eduardo Aznar on the occasion of Spanish National Day. Šuker was awarded for his contribution in promoting the friendly bonds of these two friendly countries.

“Our desire is to reward a man who is a Croatian, but also a Spaniard. Simultaneously, we reward all Croatian athletes who left their mark in Spain and who, through various activities, make a positive impression on Spanish people. Because of people such as Davor Šuker, Croatia is getting more popular in Spain, and Spain is getting even better known in Croatia”, said ambassador Aznar.

“I would like to thank everyone for this award, coming from a country that respect its sports, that invests in it and is therefore very successful. On my behalf and on behalf of other athletes, I can say that in Spain, the foreign athletes are superbly treated. One of the everlasting memories will be my chance to speak to King Juan Carlos after winning the Champions League”, said HNS president Davor Šuker.

Šuker presented the ambassador with a commemorative jersey, and later spoke to Croatian media about Spanish approach to sports:

“Spain has given me the chance to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a world-class player and winning trophies. I have enjoyed these nine years because Spain is a country that accepts all people, takes care of their children and invests in sports. It is normal for the king and other dignitaries to cheer their national teams from the stands and rejoice with their people. I hope that shall be the case in Croatia. Their long-term investments are paying off, to the country, to sport, to the fans, and to the economy. Whatever is invested in youth is worthwhile”. (pic: Drago Sopta / HNS)

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