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Luka Modrić ahead of Spain: “We are full of confidence”

Luka Modric talks to the press

Luka Modrić (Photo: Real Madrid/YouTube/CC BY 3.0CC BY 3.0)

Luka Modrić will lead Croatia in their opening match at Euro 2024 against Spain in Berlin on Saturday.

At the official press conference on Friday, he first had to face a question about the statements of the Spanish national team about how they plan to stop him.

“Strange question, but… Ask the Spaniards that, let them explain how they intend to do it,” Modrić said, HNS writes.

About the comparisons of this Spain with the one that won the Euro.

“I don’t like to compare generations. Those who won two Euros and the World Cup were special, one of the best generations of Spain in history. Surely this generation is also full of talent, they have a good mix of youth and experience.

Some are used to playing these kinds of matches and tournaments, so they are a very good team. They are very fast, especially in the wing positions, I have a very good opinion about the Spanish national team.”

“We all want to play against big teams like Spain. We are looking forward to that match, we have played many times against the Spaniards, we know that the details will decide. We have to be real at all times, and we never get tired of playing such big games.

We want a great result, in recent years at the World Cup and in the Nations League we have shown that we belong to the top of world football, at the European Championships we always lacked that step, we are full of confidence”.

About his 18 years in the national team and Croatia as a “dark horse” at the Euros…

“I always believed in myself, but I always say: “If someone gave me a piece of paper and told me to write down what I want in my career, in which direction it should go, I would be afraid to write it all down.” I didn’t expect to play so much, but I’m still here. I am happy, I am looking forward to the new big competition.

I remember the atmosphere in 2006 in this stadium, perhaps the best I have ever attended. Since 2006, I have progressed as a player in all segments, I am more experienced. I always find it difficult to talk about myself, I prefer to let others do it. It doesn’t bother us if someone looks at us as a “dark horse”, that no one puts us as favorites, the most important thing for us is what we do, that we are focused on ourselves, that we show the togetherness that has adorned us for years”.

About the greatest strength of this national team…

“That is our community. There are a lot of players left together from Qatar, new youngsters have arrived, they have shown in many matches that they can be counted on, that they make a difference. We used to do that when we were younger. That’s a plus for all of us. I’m glad that Perišić is back, the way he played, he’s slowly getting in shape, our greatest strength is our togetherness”.

About New Spain…

“The player base used to be based on Barcelona and Real, today we see that there are players from all clubs, the coach gives other players a chance as well. That is their strength, that talent and diversity, youth. The Spaniards are one of the favorites. A difficult match awaits us, I hope that we will be the right ones, if we are like that, we can do great things, get a good result tomorrow”.

About the generation’s opportunity to win trophies…

“The group is quite difficult, perhaps the most difficult at the Euros. However, we want a great result, in recent years we have shown football at a high level, we were among the best in the world, I believe we can repeat that at this Euro as well”.

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