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Danish-Norwegian author writing her latest Croatia-inspired novel

novel croatia by  An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard

An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard (Photo: Suppled)

Danish-Norwegian author An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard is in the middle of writing her latest novel inspired by Croatia.  

The story, explains An-Magritt, takes place in current times but also in the late 16th century, and features a vanishing noble woman and a princess who marries a Croatian count.

“The story is about a strong woman whose parents are Croatian and Bosnian. Born in Bosnia, she later moves to Dubrovnik, discovers a family secret, solves a mystery and finds her roots,” An-Magritt explains, before adding.

“It is also a story of how connected Europe really is and the woman finding out her relations to Scandinavia are much more closer than she ever knew. The woman ends up in Denmark. The story is told, however, from the Croatian and Bosnian perspective, even though, the root and beginning is in Denmark.”

An-Magritt says there is an interesting twist in the story that involves her own ancestors and important places include a mysterious old fort near Dubrovnik. 

“I want to tell the story of how northern Europe is directly connected with south-east Europe. We don’t speak the same language, but we share something very important, a common root of culture, and the understanding of this. It ties us together, despite our cultural nuances and traditions. That is what I will try to show in this story.”

An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard (Photo: Supplied)

The novel is based on actual facts which have been dramatised. An-Magritt is still researching and writing and uses old archives, documents, educational material, and has talked to some experts in the field to gather her material. 

“I am very interested to get in contact with historian experts in Croatia,” she adds.

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An-Magritt expects the novel to be released next year.

“The novel is planned to be published during 2022, if everything goes well. I hope publishers in Croatia will be taken by the story and be interested in publishing it,” An-Magritt concludes.

About the author 

An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard (Photo: Supplied)

An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard was born in Norway before moving to Denmark. She is a member of the Danish Author Society/Union. 

During the last year and a half she has published two historical novels about The Scandinavian 1814 tragedy, which lead to the split between Norway and Denmark and the Napoleonic Wars, and The Nordic War – 1702 titled The Lion Duke and the Mystery of the Twin Emeralds.

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