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Cyrillic Signs Attacked Again in Vukovar

vukovarThe controversial dual alphabet (latin and Serbian Cyrillic) signs which were recently erected on official buildings in the Croatian city of Vukovar have been the target of attacks overnight.

According to RTL television, 7 of the 8 signs have been ripped off government buildings, leaving only one sign, on the city police station, in tact. Around 30 armed police officers were guarding each of the 8 signs on buildings around the city centre after protestors damaged signs when they were first put up last month. Now that the heavy police presence has finished, the protesters have been at it again.

“Croatia must show generosity in victory, and in peace – good faith and will – and respect laws,” said Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic during an interview on after protestors took hammers to the newly erected signs in September. “I can accept that a number of people are not happy with that (Cyrillic signs). If we want to be a civilised state that protects ethnic minorities and abides by the law, then we must do it (put up dual-alphabet signs) and we will do it,” Milanovic said.

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