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Current Ruling Power Would Win Snap Election Today in Croatia

CroatiaThe current ruling power in Croatia, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), have been under fire from both the public and the media in 2013, but if there were elections tomorrow in the country, polls show that Zoran Milanović’s government would remain in charge, says Croatian Radio Television

CRO Demoskop has SDP 3.1 percentage points ahead of its closest opposition party HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union). 23.9% polled would vote for SDP, with 20.8% favouring HDZ.

Croatian President Ivo Josipović is still comfortably the most popular politician in Croatia with 38.8% positive votes. Finance Minister Slavko Linić is in second spot with 12.5% positive votes. Opposition leader Tomislav Karamarko is the most unpopular politician in the country with 31.2% negative votes. Prime Minister Zoran Milanović is in second place with 25.1%. All other politicians share third spot with 13.3%.

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