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Crolander Wooden Keyboards from Croatia

Crolander wooden keyboard (photo: Crolander)

Crolander produces unique homemade wood mechanical keyboards and wood stands for Apple iPad and Samsung tablets, as well as other products.

“Six years ago I saw a wooden keyboard on the Internet and wanted to make one for myself. I was not able to as I did not have the machine to do it. Three years ago I constructed a CNC machine so I could make the keyboards I always wanted,” Crolander founder Milan Majstorović told Tportal.

Based in Karlovac, Crolander makes exclusive personalized homemade wooden products, including keyboards, tablet and mobile phone holders, and wooden jars, from oak, cherry and pear wood.

(photo: Crolander)

The keyboards are decorative because as they look great on wooden tables, and at the same time, they are functional.

(photo: Crolander)

“The first one was made two years ago. Over time, it changed its appearance to what it is today,” said Milan.

The Crolander wooden keyboard with mechanical switches, which is made from 30-year-old oak, is sold for around 289 euros (plus packaging) on the international market on Etsy.

(photo: Crolander)

The wood is coated with oil, which is used for the coating of children’s toys and products in the kitchen. Each part is hand sanded and buffed to a silky smooth to the touch. Engraved letters provide durability and reliability of the signs.

“The keyboards are durable and robust and resistant to alcohol cleaning.

(photo: Crolander)

‘I have been using wooden keyboards every day for three years and I have had no problems cleaning,” Majstorović concludes.

More information about Crolander and their products HERE.

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