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Croats Saving €50 a Month

kuna (2)Slightly more than 65 percent of Croatian citizens regularly save just 432 kuna (55 EUR) on average a month, according to a study on saving habits in Croatia in 2013 conducted by IMAS for Erste Group.

The amount of 432 kuna is 11 kuna less on average than the amount Croats saved each month in 2012. The group that saved the most were those aged between 30 and 49 years, saving on average 534 kuna (68 EUR) per month. Citizens between the ages of 15 and 29 averaged 384 kuna (50 EUR) per month savings, and those aged over 50 363 kuna (48 EUR), according to the survey done in  September this year.

The majority of Croatian citizens opt for classical savings, followed by life insurance, building societies, investment funds and voluntary pension savings. According to the survey, In general, men are more inclined to opt for classical savings, while women are more likely to  chose building societies and life insurance options.

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